Creating new software is a process, which if is properly guided can be pleasant and challenging, and the result is an application that will ultimately increase profitability and facilitate your daily work.

Of course this process has its advantages and disadvantages compared to the purchase of the finished product. And the advantages and disadvantages are always presented to our clients.

Today, the information technology brings many challenges. IT systems have become much more complex. We are aware that our customers expect fair cooperation from us, and for this reason we try as much as possible to look at the user's needs and our goal is always to provide optimal and creative solutions.

Our customers participate in the development of the application; together we perceive the achievements of the project and limiting factors, and security that is placed in front of the project. Will this application be accessed via the Internet or it will be available only to the local Intranet?

In the next phase the development of the program occurs, and during which is the wireframe of the program is built and the database is designed. This is the time when the user usually has the most desire for changes and additions which he could not foresee at the beginning.

In the final phase the user begins to actively use the application in its real world applications, and at that time we correct deficiencies and ensure high quality products. At the end of the final stage follows the handover of the project.

But our co-operation is not over. Maintenance of the application is extremely important, as is its improvement.

The advantages of software to order:

  • We can develop an application that does not exist on the market

  • The software is fully adapted to your business processes

  • Participation in the development and satisfaction of creating new values

  • In the end, you have the software developed and tailored for you, without compromise, that helps the work and increases the productivity and profitability of your business

There are of course some cons of making bespoke software:

  • Time of delivery (software that's already on the market is available immediately)

  • Development requires your time and participation in specifying application and transferring your knowledge while the program is being developed

  • The higher price than for nearly all out-of-the-box solutions

  • The newly developed application does need some tweaking to get rid of the "childhood diseases", and that can only be done while you're using it and experiencing issues that need to be fixed

We've successfully created or customized increasing number of complex applications. The common characteristic is that all of them are network applications, multi-user and managed via a web interface.

In addition to the StoryEditor editorial system, for our customers, we have created a number of projects to order, with various levels of complexity:

  • PDF anotator to enter corrections in the PDF document via the web interface

  • Badminton club "MAX" used our application for reservation and subscription terrain in Hall 20 at the Fair

  • The project of issuing free classifieds:

The application takes classified ads and contains everything needed for system administration. The printed edition is generated automatically and creates the complete page for Adobe InDesign. After that it is possible to set a production directly and Adobe InDesign. Free Classifieds in action:

  • Joomla or Prestashop PayWay plugin that connects to the service of Croatian Telecom in order to authorize the payment of credit and debit cards over the Internet, from anywhere in the world.

  • For we've made several eCRF (electronic case report forms) application for data entry for the purpose of testing new drugs (clinical trials). Each study has a different protocol and requires modification and adaptation of applications. Data security and backup are extremely important especially in studies lasting several years.

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