As the majority of our applications rely heavily on SQL databases from the beginning we use the MySQL RDBMS, which is today the most widely used database in the world. What you are just reading right now is the result of tens of SQL queries! Exceptional read speed and robustness make this base a decision for heavy loads.

We use MySQL for our publishing system StoryEditor as well.

The systems in production using Linux or FreeBSD UNIX systems that are able to provide 24/7/365 mode of operation with minimal maintenance and easy and fast integration with other platforms eg. Windows or Mac servers.

If you want to know more about the operating systems, "what runs which server" for known servers, such as or any other, see the

Client-server communication relies on JavaScript, and AJAX asynchronous data transfer which provide fast data transfer over slower links. Our applications usually deal with large amounts of data (texts and images), and that job is successfully done by the server-side software PHP 5.x is Adobe Bronze partner and to develop custom applications we use Microsoft Visual Studio and.NET technology for custom applications ported. To access the SQL database, we are using standard ODBC drivers. All applications are fully supported in the UTF-8 standard, so there are no problems with fonts and our characters.

We believe that users using an open platform system get modern and secure system that is easily upgraded.


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